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The electric arc is a technology with a STORY.  Already in the 1920s the level of understanding and insight among scholars were high.  A lot were discovered, tested and clarified in those years early last century.   Which means literature studies today are key for hitting the ground running in most matters related to this exceptionally potent technology.

The electric arc is a technology with a STORY

The electric arc is a technology with a STORY

With basis found in these historic documents – coupled with reverse engineering – we are convinced Professor Birkeland’s electric arc process can be significantly improved.

Within a few of the segments listed below we may unfortunately not link to the source.  Let us know if you lack anything and we will try to make the information available to you.

Literature list:

  1. Professor Birkeland and BASF patents granted in Norway. (1903-1908)
  2. Historical papers and experiments (1903-1920)
  3. Historical books and summary papers (1920-1930)
  4. Recent technology concepts (1945–1990)
  5. Modern plasma theory (1990-     )
  6. N2 Applied’s evaluation of potential (2010-   )
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